5 Things Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew About Buying a House

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Some decisions are very rare in life. For most of us, some decisions are made only once. For instance, purchasing a house is not a simple deal. It involves more energy, more thought and more money. For some people, it is a life-time saving. When you are new and do not know where to start from, there are people to help you. They are the real estate agents. You can hire an agent like Larry Weltman and others to guide you in the process of home buying. For over a decade Larry Weltman Toronto has advised the real estate industry on various fronts where he has the expertise and where agents have needs.

Though you have hired him to help you throughout the process, you have to accommodate him through the conversation and the decision-making process. It is important that you do not stand without knowing basic things. Therefore, this article deals with things, real estate agents wish you to know for a smooth process.


The process should start after you are very sure about how much you can afford. A perfect home will cost so much, so let us get into reality. Everyone will have a budget and have to search for a perfect home within it. So, do not shop around the entire real estate, instead, fix the price range that you can afford.

There are aids to arrive at this decision. You can enter the details of your income, savings and other details into a home affordability calculator. There is another way, which is to get a mortgage pre-approval letter. Under this process, a lender will check out your finances and determine how much it can help you with a loan for your home.

Do not call the listing Agent:

In general, buyers will have their own agent and sellers will have their own agent. The buyer’s agent and the listing agent will interact with each other about the client’s questions and concerns to settle a deal.

So when you directly contact a listing agent, it will put you into a lot of trouble. This action will imply that you do not trust your agent and there is no strong working relationship. These two implications will have a strong impact on negotiation. With this innocent step, you give the power directly to the seller’s agent.

Stop talking around other Agents:

Never talk stuff like, how many houses you have checked out, what was the worst of all, how much you like or dislike, etc. As the listing agent will be present, your unwanted talks have the potential to destroy great deals. You might unknowingly give lots of information that can cost you in your negotiations.

Therefore, when you are in doubt, do not say anything. Let your agent be the voice when it comes to the house. Let him talk on your behalf in any conversations with the seller. Particularly, there are some things which have to be maintained very confidentially throughout the process.

Do not commit big and Struggle:

Apparently, buying a house is a huge commitment. There are many uncertainties. You might have heard of situations, in which after settling everything, a better house would exist and has just slipped from the eyes. There will be a lot of apprehensions. So do not be in a hurry to give the commitment. Consider everyone’s suggestion and select the most appropriate home.

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