Advantages of using Aluminum Foam in making Cars

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The aluminum foam sheet is used as a sandwich to make bumper cars. It has the function of absorbing the kinetic energy of the impact. The thickness of the aluminum foam core plate is generally 20 mm, the density is about 0.6 g / cm3 and the aluminum foam is a deformed aluminum alloy. This bumper represents the general development trend of the world.

Make car floor, sandwich door, etc:

The use of aluminum foam material to make the floor of the car, the spacer, the sandwich of the door, etc., achieves the effect of sound insulation and insulation.

Making car floors, etc:

The foam aluminum foil of Cymat Technologies for automobiles is used to make the floor of the car, the lining and the sandwich of the door. The sound insulation and the vibration isolation effect are good, lightweight, they preserve heat, they are resistant to corrosion, they have a long service life, they do not produce burns and they have a good fireproof performance.

The muffler of the freight Cars:

Passenger cars and automobiles is manufactured with a sound absorption plate of aluminum foam for automobiles, and the sound absorption plate of aluminum foam can be applied to the exhaust temperature to 500 ~ 600 degrees after the fire treatment. The noise reduction effect is 2-3 times greater than the expansion impedance silencer and the parallel resonance silencer, and the weight is reduced by approximately one third.

Manufacturing of an aluminum profile body filled with foam:

The body of the car is made of aluminum profile filled with aluminum foam, the rigidity increases more than 2 times and the resistance to damping and collision increases more than 3 times.

Manufacture of aluminum plate, aluminum foam, aluminum ceiling for sandwich panel:

The thickness of the sandwich panel is approximately 2 mm, the stiffness is 7 times greater than that of the steel roof and the weight is reduced by more than 50%.

The production of the floor and body of the commercial vehicle:

The floor of the commercial vehicle and the body of the car are made of an aluminum sandwich plate 10 mm thick, which is 50% lighter than the steel plate, has an increase in resistance more than 3 times, and it is resistant to corrosion.


The aluminum is the third most common element found in the earth ‘s crust. Aluminum compounds make up 8% of the earth’s crust and are present in most rocks , vegetation and animals.

Pure aluminum is a soft, white and lightweight metal. When mixed with other materials such as silicon, chromium, tungsten, manganese, nickel, zinc, copper , magnesium, titanium, zirconium, iron , lithium, tin and boron, a series of alloys are produced with specific properties that can be applied to different purposes.

Aluminum can be strong, light, ductile and malleable. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity; the values of its density is 2.7 and temperatures of melting and boiling of 660 ° C and are 2.467º C, respectively. It does not alter in contact with air or decompose in the presence of water, because its surface is covered by a thin oxide layer that protects it from the environment. However, its reactivity with other elements is high: when it comes in contact with oxygen, it produces a combustion reaction which causes a large amount of heat, and when combined with halogens and sulfur leads to the formation of halides and sulfides.

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