Amenities and Features for Home Buyers to Consider

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Knowing when to buy a property is not only to make a good investment, but it is also to ensure pleasant moments with the family. There are many real estate options that can keep your lifestyle away from the capital’s stress. When you will buy an apartment you must take several facts in mind. Among them features and amenities of an apartment is the most important key. Here we give you basic idea of modern amenities and features that your new apartment should have.

Advantages of buying a new apartment:

You are the first resident: In addition to not having to spend on repairs, and changes, you can customize and adapt the spaces the way you want. A new property is like a blank – all the furniture, the decoration and the finishes will be according to your taste.

Better common areas: The new apartments are usually in condominiums with several options of coexistence and leisure, with courts, swimming pools, gyms, playgrounds, party halls, among others.

Greater convenience and safety: New condominiums are equipped with the latest technology and structure such as faster elevators, automated garages, access control, updated sockets, water and light saving systems, among others.

Amenities and features to consider


Currently, apartment buildings are increasingly high and with better anti-seismic structures. If you live in one of the upper floors, make sure that the building where you live has functional elevators whose travel time is short. Also the use of elevators turns out to be very beneficial in case you have small children, suffer from some disability or you must carry or, download many packages.

Security services:

The basic security measures are essential in each building. Living in a department that is not safe would be a bad investment. As buyers want more benefits or amenities, departments must necessarily offer recreational areas within their facilities. This could include children’s play area, sauna, gyms or swimming pools.

Parking lot:

For many, this point is one of the most important. Buying a department that does not include a parking space results in the loss of time. Also your car could be affected by the sun’s rays, damaging the paint and other important parts of the body. Having an apartment with parking will allow you to save time, money and car safety.

Access to common spaces:

As the owner of an apartment, you have access to common spaces such as the terrace, lounges, function rooms and study rooms, areas such as those offered by the Level project. If you want to use the common areas when purchasing an apartment, ask about the terms of access.

Convenient transportation nearby:

This is especially important for those who do not have a car. If you have a bicycle, explore the area beforehand to make sure the streets are safe for cyclists. If you must travel by public transport, do not limit yourself to look for a bus stop near your apartment.

So, these above aspects are really important while buying an apartment for your family. Remember, you are buying a dream. You must not compromise anything.

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