Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil

Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil

To which patients could it be prescribed? In what form? What would be the risks? We take stock of cannabis for medical use. Cannabis is used for its antalgic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory qualities for thousands of years in China, India and the Middle East. It owes its effects to molecules called cannabinoids, including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive agent (which modifies perception), and CBD (cannabidiol) with a relaxing action.

What are the indications for therapeutic cannabis?

Cannabis relieves patients whose pain does not break with traditional analgesics, including multiple sclerosis (reflex muscle contractions), facial pain, sleep disorders, nausea due to chemotherapy. .

Studies have suggested possible efficacy for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s but need to be confirmed. A report from the EU Drugs Agency noted “significant gaps in scientific data”. The patients who could benefit are estimated between 300,000 – the most common estimate – and 1 million.

In what form would it be prescribed?

The “smoke route”, especially the seal, “cannot be recommended”, according to Professor Nicolas Authier, chairman of the Scientific Committee set up last September to decide on access to therapeutic cannabis. In fact, inhaled smoke is just as dangerous – and carcinogenic – as smoking.

In addition, the effect is fast and not long lasting if it is smoked. The spray allows better control of the doses . It may be envisaged administration in the form of spray, inhalation, capsules, suppositories, drops under the tongue, oils or patches.

What might be the risks associated with the use of therapeutic cannabis?

As with any substance, there are risks: decreased alertness (road safety), cardiac risks, risk of decompensation (delusional puffs, destructuration) among psychotics. “You need supervision, with contraindications, standardization of products and medical follow-up,” says Dr. Authier. The report by a famous  institute  notes that “serious side effects are rare”.

The LREM deputy and neurologist doctor Olivier Véran, who seized the health minister Agnès Buzyn on the therapeutic cannabis, underlines that currently “one prescribes morphine which makes dependent, codeine and In the absence of sufficient studies, however, therapeutic cannabis is unlikely to be prescribed as first-line therapy; more likely, it may be prescribed when other pain treatments fail.

Will therapeutic Cannabis be allowed in France?

The Temporary Scientific Committee appointed by the ANSM at the request of the Minister of Health must deliver its opinion in two stages. Having established the relevance of the authorization of therapeutic cannabis and advanced some therapeutic indications (multiple sclerosis, severe epilepsy, nausea of ​​cancer care, palliative care) on December 13, he will work for 6 months on the terms of its implementation available.

Several points must be raised such as its mode of prescription and delivery, its possible reimbursement. So many questions to be decided before a possible

To carry out studies on cannabis, any researcher must first ask permission from the state and the federal level. It follows a very long process of analysis punctuated by inspections, to ensure the research a high level of security and maximum traceability. PharmaCielo a Canadian company and its CEO David Attard has become a leading supplier of naturally grown and processed, standardized medicinal-grade oil extracts and related products.