Who Are The Best Actors in Malayalam Film Industry ? – Trendingss

Who Are The Best Actors in Malayalam Film Industry ? – Trendingss

Malayalam Actors in our film industry play best role and entertainment to us.Here, we provide some latest information about who are best Malayalam actors in film industry. some rare people know that which are the best Malayalam actors included in Malayalam cinema. so what you think? lets we provide list of top Malayalam filmstar.

#1. Mohanlal

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Full name is Mohanlal vishvanath nair. His mother name is santha kumai. Mohanlal was born on 21st May, 1960. He is oe of the best Malayalam actor in film industry. He is also producer and occasional singer. Mohanlal starting his career with classic villain role, now he become  outstanding performer of Malayalam.

#2. Mammootty

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Mammootty is one the top Malayalam actor in India. He was born on 7 September, 1951. His father name is Ismail and Mother name is Fatima. He has Two younger brother and three sister. The best Malayalam actor and producer best known for his work in Malayalam cinema.

He has appeared over in 350 films. Mammootty is famous Malayalam hero in India. His full name is Muhammad kutty Ismail. He did his high-school at maharajah college.


#3. Prithviraj

#4. Dileep

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Dileep was born on 27 October, 1958 in ernakulam. His father name is gopalkrishnan and mother name is padmanaben. Dileep is best Malayalam actor in Malayalam cinema. He is also singer, producer and mimicry artist. He has starred in over 130 films in Malayalam industry. Dileep started his career as assistant film director. 

#5. Fahadh Faasil

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Fahadh is now become filmstar of the youth in Kerala. Fahadh’s father name is Fazil and mother name is rozina. He has two sister and one brother. Fahadh Faasil is a top malayalam actor in india. Fahadh made his comeback  with anthology film kerala cafe.

#6. Salim Kumar

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Salim Kumar is just famous comedian. he go to the nation award best. salim kumar was born on 10 October, 1969. He is one of the comic actor in Malayalam cinema. The best actor salim is also a director. He was away from Malayalam film industry due to health issue, He was mostly acted with comedic role. Salim kumar is best known for his work in Malayalam cinema.

#7. Siddique

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In 1990′ s siddique got his big break a comedian. Siddique is an Indian film actor and producer. His role of typical villain in last few movies. He has starred in over 250 films. His role insignificant and may be create an impact in our heart. He a best Malayalam actors in film industry.

#8. Nivin Pauly

#9. Allu Arjun

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Allu Arjun is primarily work in tamil films. He was born on 8 april, 1983. His father name is Allu Arvind. His nickname is Bunny. He is known his best work for famous Malayalam heroes. He play his best role in every movie and he is play role from childhood. Whole list of malayalam actors, Allu arjun is one of the best put of all. with handsome look he got good place in film industry.

#10. Aju Varghese

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Aju varghese was born on 11 January, 1985. He is a Malayalam film actor who appears in many Malayalam movies. Aju shared movies greater than 80 films. He made his debut from marvadi arts club in 2010.