Doctors and Their Types

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Doctor? Whenever I hear the term doctor, I remember the saying, which is a quite famous one indeed “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” By keeping the doctor away, it means that eating an apple daily will give you enough nutrients that you won’t need to go to the doctor for minor check-ins. Doctors are considered as the most prominent and respected professionals across the Globe. After God, if anyone can cure you is a doctor. With a proper set of knowledge and with clear intentions a doctor is just the kind of person you wish is present in your ill health.

When prominent professionals who acquire philosophical degrees become experts in their respected fields, they are given the title of a “Doctor” before their name. This explains the gratitude of being a doctor even for namesake. But there are some who misuse their degree for their benefits. But there are also doctors who are indeed very helpful and supportive outside of their subject too. To understand what are the different specializations in doctors we are going to explain a few here.

Doctors from MBBS:

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Yes, these are the doctors on whom this doctors title is given. These professionals are well trained and packed with the knowledge of all the physical, mental, social, emotional, psychological aspects of human body. In these fields, most famous are the Dental and the Physicians. Dr. Mark Walker dentist is one of the well-known faces in Canada. A dentist is a professional who takes care of your oral well-being. After all, it is the starting point of food to enter your body, and you don’t want to ruin it. And physicians are the professionals who are equipped with the overall knowledge of human anatomy. They diagnose the diseases which disrupt the normal working of the human body. Conditions and problems such as viral fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, pain, etc. are diagnosed by them.

Doctors from Ph.D.:

For all those who don’t know what a Ph.D. is, it is a degree awarded to the persons for their research in their particular field which may or may not include an invention of a new formula or law or thesis. It is regarded as the first degree after which there is no further qualification. All those people who are awarded Ph.D.’s on their proper completion of the thesis are given the title of doctor. Although they are not the ones, who cure you when you are ill. In fact, they are given such title with the gratitude and out of respect for their academic qualification. These can be awarded in any field, need not necessarily in medical only. Any successful thesis with proper proof in any of the areas such as sports, literature, arts, technology, language, science can be awarded this doctor in philosophy degree.

All the points mentioned earlier are well structured and provided with a proper explanation. I assume that you have read the complete article as you are reading this paragraph. I hope that I made some valuable input to your existing knowledge about the topic.

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