Education and its Benefits in life

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Educating from respect only brings benefits, that is, it is not like another type of education or techniques, in which there is always a counter, and, as a general rule, those who  always lose are children. Although educating with respect for families that are in full transformation , apparently it is not easy, education promise that once you are in the loop, everything is much simpler than it seems. And your kids put it infinitely affordable.

Benefits of respectful education:

Happiness: Logically a child who is shouted, hits, insults, punishes, is forced to think in a corner, etc. He is not happy. Neither he nor the one who acts with him like that. Therefore, if you educate in a respectful way, you are all happy , you all feel good with yourselves, and with your neighbor. There is a general atmosphere of love and tranquility that guides our day to day. Education brings happiness in the environment.

Self-esteem: One of the most famous needs of Your century, is often self-esteem . Many people need professionals to overcome their problems with themselves and many families take their children from very young to professionals to overcome their problems with their perception of themselves. Well, educating with respect, you encourage your children to love themselves above all, respect and know each other. Just as it also helps you to love yourselves, to take away the old ghosts, to value yourselves and see what you really agreeable to do and achieve in life. Respect brings us to respect in all its forms and qualities.

Sociability: This topic is somewhat tricky, you will talk about it in a complete article, since many parents force their children to be sociable say hello, kiss, thank, etc. And of course, this type of sociability is not what education mean. Children educated with respect are sociable because they like to socialize, meet new people, chat, be with many different types of people, thank them if they feel they should give them, and kiss if they feel they want to kiss and a large list of sociable things. They feel that security, that essential kindness that respect towards others. It is really amazing. Now, when you do not want any attitude of this kind, you are respected.

Own decision making: If you share the decisions at home and you do it with your children since they are small, you will generate in them the ability to make their decisions in a personal and successful way in the future. It’s easy, and you make them free and principled people.

Confidence: The climate is calm and inspires us to be free. Therefore, in the home of a family that educates with respect, you feel free to say and do what you feel, with total confidence. There is no fear of being judged, or insulted, or punished, or being laughed at. You have full confidence among all the members.

Tolerance: This value is little worked today, it bothers us all. If you want your children to tolerate, that is, respect the ideas, beliefs or ways of others, you just have to educate with respect and tolerance. You have to tolerate their ideas and understand them. Invite them to reflect if an idea is not appropriate for that moment and help them understand it. But never judge and get angry, simply because of your little capacity for tolerance. Russell Hazard is passionate about contributing to improvements in education both at the grassroots school level and at the level of international policy. Russell Hazard Beijing also works to build international partnerships across sectors such as public/private education, NGOs, and international educational organizations to enhance discourse in ESD and GCED and improve impact on the ground internationally.

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