[Launch] Features of WhatsApp Business Application in India

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WhatsApp Business Application

WhatsApp Business Application is finally launched in India and this is an exciting phase for us as marketer because now the lead generation process is much Costly. Infact, a lots of Cost effective solution will be now planned for small businesses who cannot invests for landing pages.

What is WhatsApp for Business?

It’s a new version of whatsapp. That is not much more different and this is separate app. So when you download whatsapp, you have to download whatsApp business. In case you want particular features:

·         New version of whatsApp (for business purpose)

·         Allows you to directly drive enquiries from Facebook Ads to WhatsApp.

·         Allows you to create auto reply, especially when you have a lot of messages to handle.

·         Can become part of your marketing Automation Journey.

To activate WhatsApp for business download the App first, you need to have a separate number or convert your personal account into business account.

Whatsapp business app
whatsapp business app


The best part of converting your personal account into whatsapp for business, you already have contact updates, chat with you. So you do not have to save the number or any kind of change. Because it is easy for communicating.

Once you download you need to register your company name for once and this cannot be changed.

 Features of WhatsApp Business Application

·         Whatsapp for business is same as normal wharsapp.

·         You have status(stories), Groups. Normal, regular messages, broadcasts.

Only difference is that you would see in setting section is Business setting. which will never show in normal whatsapp. So what about features:

whatsapp business app
whatsapp business app

whatsapp business application

Profile setting in WhatsApp Business Application

In profile setting, you can add your business address, add the location, you can define your business category and business description and you can have an email address as well as your website url.

Whatsapp business application

What is Away Messages?

Away messages is a messaging tool of whatsapp business app. This particular feature is a message that you can activate when you are not active on Whatsapp. So what you could do as when you are active on internet and you don’t want to reply of messages because very busy. The best part of this is not work on groups. Because groups are these messages all the time so it do not good reply to people again and again. You can disable and enable whenever you want. It is a fabulous feature because many time people have no time to don’t reply to messages.

Whatsapp business application

Greeting Messages

This message feature allows you to messages to those people who have sent you message for the first time. Initially allow people messages to become very potential and it became frequently asked question. This feature now along me to reactivate and entire process again. ·         Enable and disable this feature when you want.

.·         For the first timers or people who messages you after 14 days of contacting you gets this.

whatsapp business application

Quick Replies

There are lot of things which people asked. Fix keyword and relevant reply type. You can define a keyword and draft a message. So whatever message I drafted with particular keyword for inquiry. As a marketer you have to asked question have a keyword associator or number associator.

WhatsApp Business Aplication

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