Five Easy Ways to Become a Good Business Leader

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There are five easy ways to become a good Business Leader:

Determine your peak intelligence time:

Aspiring leaders need to identify the time of the day when they are most productive. Are they morning people? Night owls? People, who thrive after lunch? That means there’s likely a genetic reason behind our night-owl or early-bird tendencies. Everyone has some point during the day when he’s better able to work, but most don’t lean into it, choosing instead to stick to the 9-to-5 norm. Entrepreneurs should embrace their ability to set their schedules and focus on working when they are most effective.

Create a schedule about your peak intelligence time:

Everyone knows that the only way to change anything is by changing habits. If entrepreneurs don’t guard their routines and fight for them, they won’t be able to change. After identifying their preferred times of day, business leaders should use those periods to their benefit. I’m a morning person, so every day between 8 and 10 a.m., I write at least 500 words toward big copy writing projects I’m working on. Consistently devoting the same span of peak intelligence time at least four days a week to important projects ensures that the maximum level of focus goes into that work every day.

Remove triggers for distraction:

Everyone knows that, especially in the digital world, distractions are all around. But there’s a triggering moment before someone gets engaged by a distraction. One of my triggers, for instance, involves calls. I usually pour quite a bit of energy and effort into my calls, whether it’s one-on-one or a group conference call. When I hang up and feel spent, I usually feel a trigger telling me that I deserve a reward. Identifying distractions from that agenda is key to accomplishing both short-term and long-term goals that lead to success.

Replace minor rewards with value-adds:

The way to level-up habits and create valuable change is to practice the same emotional rush that small rewards like snacks give but through dissimilar mechanisms. The key is to identify what the distraction offers in terms of reward.

Answer email, Slack and texts less frequently:

I’ve heard it said that “the reward of answering digital correspondence is a temporary feeling of accomplishment followed by even more digital correspondence.” The more emails a person spends, the more he gets back. The key is to become ok with being off the grid, saying no and turning off devices more frequently. Email is its form of distraction; it too often makes the workday seem unending, and it can even creep in on family time. Entrepreneurs who think checking email first thing in the morning will help knock out an annoying task that might be sabotaging their productivity.

Being a leader is never easy, but positive habits like Bobby Genovese and others always help to achieve the goal of the business. Craft a routine geared toward long-term goals, and stick with it. These five steps can help lead the way. Florida’s Bobby Genovese is a founder and also a chairman for BG Capital Group Ltd investment Arm.

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