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How does Artificial Intelligence work For Organization

In the olden days, how did sales team work? Their work was mostly related to the field. Back to the office, they relied mostly on paper and pen. Then in the evening, they used to report to their manager regarding the sales, feedback from clients, etc. But cut to the present, digitalization has made inroads even in sales. So, the work patterns have changed for the sales teams in every corner of the globe. In this article, let us focus on how AI (artificial intelligence) helps sales teams in an organization.

Did The Title Confuse You?

Maybe. Right? The reason, AI is a simple new technology which can automate jobs and replace human workers. And so far, only the manual jobs in countries like Japan have been replaced with AI applications. Till the present date, it is always thought sales is concerned only with people and the department needs only humans. Yep, it is correct. But AI has entered the market. And it is helping AI teams achieve their target with ease and more precision.

Present Day WorkForce

In the present day, the majority of the workforce is made of the millennial population. And they know the technology trends happening in every industry. The Millennials know that the recent new technologies will make way for flexible working hours even in the sales department. And yes, they are right. As per industry experts, new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, voice assistants, blockchain technology and many more will regularize many departments which are known for long working hours and productivity. With AI, sales representatives can expect good interesting changes at work. In short, unlike the olden days, when sales executives worked long hours to complete the month target, now they can look forward to maintaining the perfect career and personal life balance.

Let Us Focus On The Topic

Well, let us end the introduction and go to the main content on how AI helps sales teams in an organization. You may not be a sales professional, but how do you keep track of the recent updates or complete daily jobs? For example, to check recent politics updates, rent a car or sending money – what do you do? You use the smartphone and the specific apps, right? In recent times, it is clear that mobiles are the best means to complete daily work activities in a jiffy.

A. Tools For Sales From AI Software

Coming back to sales as well as marketing, the executives spend long hours on the field meeting client prospects. But there are many companies which have designed tools for sales management. You may use them with the mobile. Many apps are designed with AI applications, and they help executives with on-field sales, appointments, and completion of targets. For example, ForceManager.

Then there are some tools used by the sales managers. Shall we take an example? You are a sales manager with a company dealing with house cleaning services in Mumbai. You have ten sales executives in your team who go to various areas or apartments to get orders. The CEO of your company, in order to increase the database, has tied up with a popular start-up offering professional home cleaning services Mumbai. Coming back to the topic, with the help of AI sales tools, you can always remain in contact with your sales reps. With AI application sales tool, you can predict the target performance of every member, keep a track on their activities and guide them when needed. The tool can also help identify potential prospect areas and identify risks of executives who suffer from low performance. For an example of sales management tools, check People.AI.

B. AI Voice Assistants


Do voice assistant apps tend to be used by sales teams? Yes. By giving commands, the AI voice assistant can schedule meetings by sending messages to specific people, organize routes for travel and can give alerts on special customer needs. For example, Tact.AI voice Assistant.

There are other Voice Assistants used by sales representatives to search for meeting notes and fix a meeting with a client by calling their office number. This is another way of how AI helps sales teams in organizations.

C. Automation


So the myth of AI replacing humans in the sales industry is just a myth. That means, in other words, AI will take care of jobs that involve manual work. If you are a sales manager or sales representatives, you can work on jobs as per your intelligence and qualification.

Please do not underestimate AI as only related to automation. There are other AI applications that can analyze a large volume of data to extract the right info. Based on the result, you can make recommendations, make decisions or changes in pricing or predict the target outcome for a month.

With your permission, shall we look into some examples?

D. Predictive Analysis

You are working as the sales manager of a company offering laundry services in a small area of Mumbai. You have five junior sales executives in your team. To establish a loyal customer base, your company has partnered with a home services company which offers online laundry in Mumbai. Your CEO has ensured that you make use of AI tools for getting the maximum out of your sales representatives. By making use of AI sales tools, you can make your reps


Focus on prospects which can generate revenue

Focus on areas which can generate sales

Focus on a new category of customers

Okay, so you got the perfect result. But imagine the volume of data analyzed to get the points. Do you feel a human can complete the procedure? It is only an AI tool which can look into the vast quality of data to complete the analysis.

E. Leads/Prospects

You are in age, where your activities are monitored continuously. Yes, you log onto facebook using your Gmail. So every task you do can get stored in other databases. The AI algorithm can look into your activities, interaction in social media platform and then suggest the perfect content line to get you hooked to buy a product. When pitching to a prospective customer, your sales rep can share videos, banners, and images, all of them having the perfect content line to turn the lead to prospects.


Have you read the last paragraph? Now we have come to the end of this article on how AI helps sales teams in an organization. We have given some valuable points and kindly tell us if we have missed any. Just drop an email or put a review in the Comments section. We will discuss on the same in our next article.

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