How to Attain Sustainability through Tablets and PC

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How to Attain Sustainability through Tablets and PC – Today, we have many energy management initiatives to reduce global warming and make Earth a better place to live. With all these companies, organizations and government taking actions, what can the role of PCs and Tablets be in attaining sustainability?

To save energy one of the best ways is to support yourself with the suitable tools for managing it. At the beginning of these energy management solutions, the main focus was to buy eco-friendly gadgets and appliances with energy-saving power sources. But soon we have realized that the main underlying problem is the overuse of energy.

When it comes to the reduction of paper and energy usage, event and meeting planners are missing something. By adopting the Tablet PC or iPad technology we can see immediate improvements. Traditionally, the meeting planners and the attendees are supposed to bring their laptops to the event or in some case they still use papers to take notes.

Laptops can be a portable and handy device to carry out.

Some Drawbacks of Laptops

  • Firstly they can weigh up to 9 or 10 pounds and even though there are many sleek and slim designs available. they need a hard surface to ensure stability.
  • With the face to face conversations in a meeting scenario, laptops can create a barrier because of their screen.
  • The most important problem with laptops is their battery life, that’s limit is only a few hours.
  • Many of them are not so energy efficient.
  • You surely can’t walk, talk, take notes at the same time with the laptop in hands.
  • The applications can’t walk around, or stand and navigate on laptops.

Now for a quick and handy solution for this think of renting an iPad, you can use it. when you are sitting, standing or walking around It’s also useful.

They are much less weighted as compared to laptops and no barriers as you can use them as a paper notebook while saving the paper too. Meeting and trade show information can be download from the rental unit. With the latest technology, Tablets and iPad can work up to the battery life of 10 hours so the recharging can be delayed to the night. The latest Tablet PC and iPads have energy star ratings around 15 watts.

Keeping these advantages in mind, IT rentals are the energy saving solution for your next meeting. Thinking of hiring a Tablet PC or iPad for your next meeting visit

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