How To Delete Already Sent Whatsapp Message

How To Delete Already Sent Whatsapp Message

Today, in this world when everything has become online from birth certificate to death certificate. everyone is under the wide range of internet and everyone uses it because internet helps a person to tackle some problems and situation.

which is not solve without internet and it is possible because of the smartphones. Smartphones have become the part of a person’s life. You may also check Whatsapp Dare Games for lovers 

Delete Already Sent Messages On Whatsapp

When we talk about the instant messaging app or site then a number of sites and apps comes to our mind.

Being many instant messaging app and sites every person on this planet has only one word on his tongue that is Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has become the favorite messaging app because along with the instant messaging it also provides many features such as sharing of images, videos, contacts, and many other documents which makes our life easier.

Along with these features making a group on Whatsapp is much easier as easier to forward a message which makes it more useful and effective than any other apps.

Making a video call and audio call is also a content in the feature list of Whatsapp which charges no extra money for calling. Nowadays mod apps of the WhatsApp also make them very special than usual.

Whatsapp along with the lots of features it also provides the privacy to the Whatsapp users. Every single Whatsapp user has his friends and family member in his contact list and different types of messages are sent to different contacts. It happens many times with a number of Whatsapp users that they send messages to somebody else by mistake.

These mistakes are maximum accurate by the youngsters who when talking with their friend or girlfriend send messages to their family members or relatives.

which may increase the blood pressure of Whatsapp user because in Whatsapp the feature of deleting the already sent messages is absent.

But what you think if I say that now it is possible means now you can Recover Whatsapp Messages easily with an easy, simple and awesome trick which we have found out so guys have a reading on this article with a little bit concentration of mind.

how to Recall Whatsapp Messages

Before knowing that how to Recall Whatsapp Messages, first of all, know the messaging system of Whatsapp. Whenever we send a message to our friend, family member or any other relative, it will show single tick just below the message which you have sent and if the person whom you are talking to is online or is active on Whatsapp than it will show double tick just below the message.

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Finally, when the person to whom you are talking to see the message then the double tick just below your message will turn to blue which confirms the reading of the message by your friend. That’s the messaging system works on Whatsapp.

The sent messages can’t be deleted for both as in Instagram means, if you have done a mistake then you will have to pay for it but a friend with the help of our trick you can Delete Already Sent Messages On Whatsapp.

Friends before talking to the trick let you know that Whatsapp is soon launching the feature of Recalling Whatsapp Messages on its official Whatsapp but it is still in work and will take a lot of time.

Whatsapp have launched this feature into its beta version from which you can Recover Already Sent Messages To Whatsapp and the message receiver will be no longer able to read the message.

Tricks for Deleting Already Sent Messages On Whatsapp

Friends let us tell you that in our trick there is no need to download the Whatsapp beta version instead of which you can download the best and awesome mod app of Whatsapp which is GBWhatsapp which along with this feature also provides you the better feature then real Whatsapp and the beta version which includes best themes, privacy, no size limit on media sharing along with many other features and gives you a fully customizable Whatsapp.

This mod app gives many features which a user can enjoy without any extra cost means its fully free of cost which makes it most downloaded Whatsapp mod app with a million of downloads.

Guys, as we know time is precious for me as well as for you so without wasting the time lets talk about the trick for Deleting Already Sent Messages On Whatsapp.

If you are a Whatsapp user then it will not be a hard task for you, but if you face any problem then I have explained it step by step with simple language along with the screenshots, it will really help you out and will make you eligible for Recalling Whatsapp Messages.

Without wasting the time lets talk about the main part of the article.


As before making a dish we discuss and collects all the basic requirements similarly, first of all, it is essential to know the required things which play an important role. You should not worry after listening about the requirements as the content is very small and is common. So I have provided the basic requirements which are important and if these are absent then this trick will not work out. So here is the list:

  1. An Android Phone
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There is no doubt that a person who is using the WhatsApp will not have an android phone because everyone has a common sense that the person will only use Whatsapp until the user will have an android phone. So, friends, this requirement is common with everybody.

  1. An Internet Connection

According to me if a guy has a smartphone than that guy will surely have an internet connection on his smartphone. After coming to Jio every single person in India will be having an internet connection on his smartphone. If having not then you can recharge with your favorite plan.

  1. GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version

The third one and last requirement is the Whatsapp mod app which is GBWhatsAPP latest version Which you can download from the link provided or can go to our site and can search for it because we have provided the best, latest and fastest link for GBWhatsapp from which you can download without facing any problems.

  1. A Little Bit Of Mind

This content plays a very important part in using this trick. God has given a little bit of mind to everyone means nobody should be worried about this content and if you are worried then you need the motivation to know your capability.

So, friends, these were the few requirements for making this trick effective and useful for you.

According to me the list which I have provided don’t have a content which you are not able to have and are easily available.

After having all the requirements then you can follow up the article step by step. Now let’s talk about the working of a trick which is the main part.

How To Delete Already Sent Messages On Whatsapp?

I know this article is to going to be very useful for you because Recall Whatsapp Messages or Deleting Messages from Reciever’s phone is just like hacking the receiver’s Whatsapp as it is not possible in the official app of Whatsapp and is not possible in any other instant messaging app or media sharing app. So guys follow up all the steps carefully. So here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, you would have to delete the Whatsapp which has been pre-installed on your phone because you would have to install the mod app of WhatsApp and same number cant have two Whatsapp on the same phone. To recall Whatsapp messages you would have to delete pre-installed Whatsapp from your phone.
  2. Next step includes the downloading of the Whatsapp mod app. You should have to know that for what I am talking about. What? Yes, that’s right. I am talking about the GBWhatsapp which you can install from the link provided here or upper side of the post because we have provided the best, simple and fastest link for downloading GBWhatsapp.
  3. After downloading GBWhatsapp now its time to install the GBWhatsapp on your phone but before installing let it confirms that installation of apps from the unknown sources allow on your phone. If not then go to the setting and allow the installation from the unknown sources which can be easily done. After installing the app open the app by clicking on open option present at the bottom of the page.
  4. After having the app open it first and it will ask for your mobile number that usually an official Whatsapp ask for. Enter your mobile number and click on the verify option.
  5. Mobile number verification will be done by sending an OTP on your mobile number which you have entered. Simply type the OTP received or it will automatically fill OTP. Hence your number has been verified.
  6. After verifying your number set up your profile picture which is popularly known as DP, name, and then just clicks on the next.
  7. Now your Whatsapp account is ready to use and you are able to change the theme of Whatsapp by downloading the theme from cool and best theme collection of GBWhatsapp.
  8. You can just send a message to any of your contacts to let you know that how the trick works. Now we want to Recall WhatsApp message.
  9. For Recalling of Whatsapp messages click on the right corner which is having 3 dots, it can arrange vertically.
  10. After clicking on right corner many options will appear on your screen. You will see an option named “Recall”, just click on that option.
  11. After having clicked on the “Recall” option the message will disappear from your screen as well as receiver’s screen, it will show a note that “This message has been recalled”.
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Hence you have successfully Recall WhatsApp Messages or can Delete Already Sent WhatsApp Messages.

Is it not a simple trick and not for only this GBWhatsapp is useful in any other problems. If you will install the GBWhatsapp then you will love it, install it and will never turn your mind towards official Whatsapp app. According to me, it is the best Whatsapp mod app.


Final words

Now you are able to Delete Already Sent Messages On WhatsApp.

If finding any problem then comment in the comment box, we will try to give an answer to your problem.

Finally, I want to say that keep in touch with our site because we are daily updating it with new tricks which will really help out you.


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