How to Lead a Team like a Pro your First Time?

How to Lead a Team like a Pro your First Time?

Leadership is an exceptional quality which is not an inborn quality. It can be developed with the passage of time and experience. It is not an easy task to lead a team successfully. When it’s your first time then it is quite possible that you are nervous. But if you get a chance to lead a team never miss it. If it’s your first time when you are going to lead a team, you need not worry. By following some of the things you can lead a team like a Pro.

Invest your time:

If you are going to take the role of a team leader make sure that you invest your time to your team. Your visibility and availability for your team member are most important. It is important to make your team feel that you are there to support them.

Listen to your team:

Get to know about each and every member of your team. Know about their strengths and weakness, their interests. Listen to their ideas, problems. This quality of yours can enhance the bond between you and your team and build a great understanding.

Communication is a must!

Effective communication helps you to understand the perspective of your team and vice-versa. Keep regular communication with your team so that you can keep a track record of your team members’ performance and you will get to know about their progress. Clear your expectations from them and give them responsibilities. Encourage your team to contribute more. Successful leaders like Shane Dubin and others knows exactly how to communicate with their team. Shane Dubin Wealth Management is in the business of helping clients secure their financial futures. He has started practice of investments started at a young age and carried through over the 18 years working at Scotia McLeod.

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Set an example:

Honesty is the best policy! Be honest, energetic and frank. Your behaviour should be the same which you want from your team members, as you are the leader of the team and your team members consider you as their role model. Fair treatment with every team member is important.


If the performance of your team members is great then it is important to appreciate them. This will boost their morale and there is a chance of a better performance than this.

But if any of your team members have performed weakly and committed a mistake it is also important to aware him/her about the performance. Do not do this in front of everyone.

Trust your team:

It is important to trust your team. If you are a leader it does not mean you are there to perform all the tasks. If you are a leader it means you have to lead your team and support your team members in performing their respective tasks.

Decision Making:

Sometimes it is important to take decisions according to the situation. So, do not panic and do what is best for your team.


If you are leading a team it is important to keep your self calm and composed. A leader has to perform many roles such as a mentor, a friend, a supporter and sometimes a strong leader. So, try to be calm and show honesty towards your work.