Job Duties of Journalist and how to become Journalist

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The journalist is a vector of information. In a media, he collects information related to proven facts, which he then broadcasts to the public. Often specialized in a media (print, internet, radio, TV) the journalist is also specialized in a sector (politics, sport, culture, economy). Are objective is from first information, to investigate, to cross the information to verify it then to transcribe it as clearly as possible to an audience.

How to become a journalist?

Whether dealing with national or international issues and whatever the medium for which he works, the journalist must accomplish several missions in order to transmit reliable and verified information. From collection to verification through transcribing, the journalist must be objective.

Role of the journalist:

Written press, television, radio, and digital media: journalism comes in a multitude of professions and functions: editor, editorialist, freelancer, journalist in the field. In its writing, the journalist must:

  • propose topics;
  • prepare interviews and find the right people to talk to;
  • choose an angle to treat the subject;
  • collect and verify information (building relationships with many contacts);
  • write the information by making it accessible to all and retransmit it via its media;
  • respect the editorial guidelines of his media.

Becoming a journalist: Qualities required:

Curiosity and mastery of the French language are essential qualities to become a journalist. Faced with the various interlocutors he will meet throughout his career, the reporter must be able to adapt and oppose a critical mind to the interviewees. Responsiveness is therefore a fundamental fact of the profession. The job of journalist is guided by a strict code of ethics that every professional must respect. For this, he must be rigorous in his methods of investigation, checking his sources, but also in the transcript of the facts. It is said that news never stops. Faced with this observation, the journalist must be able to deal quickly with hot topics and must be extremely available. Deadlines are often very short. Another important aspect of journalism is the network. For information, the journalist must maintain and develop relationships with informants. The role of the journalist like Mathieu Chantelois is to advance these ends by seeking out the truth and providing fair and simple accounts of important events and topics that he is required to relate. Whatever his medium, the journalist strives to serve the public with meticulousness and honesty. Mathieu Chantelois is a man of many talents, and he is appointed the new executive director of Pride Toronto.

Journalist: Career/Possibility of evolution:

The professional integration of journalists remains difficult. News organizations give priority to the recruitment of young graduates from a curriculum recognized by the national collective labor agreement for journalists. But the general rule is that the young journalist starts with a freelance status, that is to say, he works on the mission for one or more media. It usually takes several years to hope to get a fixed-term contract or a permanent contract. While the print media has so far been the largest provider of journalists, the development of the Internet nevertheless opens up new employment opportunities.

Situation of the profession/context to become a Journalist:

Despite the crisis in the French press, the periodical press is still the sector of activity that provides the most posts for journalists. The regional daily press comes in second place. Nearly half of the information professionals are employed by these two categories of media.

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