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The high-end real estate market is one of the most booming economies of the moment. In fact, within the entire real estate industry, luxury homes in Canada and other large cities are the big assets that are launching a sector that did nothing in its worst years. The exclusive properties have been consolidated as a flagship product that is attracting the highest rents at the national level as above all, internationally. But the certain thing is that the supply and the demand change of constant form, and the houses that today are a great reclamation for the public will be very different in a future more and more present, and if we try to guess how they will be?

How will the high-end houses of the future:

In some cases, it is not difficult to imagine what the luxury homes of the future will be like if we consider how luxurious homes are inside today. Everything we have seen in the cinema and on television is now beginning to be applied in reality. However, there are also trends that we would never have dreamed of and that in a few years may be determinant in a sector of the real estate market destined to the highest economies.

The smart luxury house:

As we mentioned before, the smart home is the great dream that we have seen millions of times in the small or big screen, and it seems that now that dream is about to come true. Although it is true that we must clarify certain issues, and is that we do not understand intelligent that is able to prepare food, but they have a greater respect with energy expenditure, with the environment, which are efficient, sustainable, modular, more secure and that adapt to our habits. It is a beginning, but big pockets are already enjoying these luxuries that in a few years will be much more normalized.

Micro mansions:

The lifestyles have changed. According to a recent study, couples have 1.3 children on average. With these data that are sinking birth rates and totally changing the population pyramids, it is obvious that having a house immensely large because it does not do much good. The new concept of family and the best use of space in current decoration trends have been the perfect breeding ground to create a new type of construction, much smaller than the classic mansions of infinite corridors and innumerable rooms, but much more modern. They usually have a shape similar to a cube, two or three floors and an interior layout of spacious and diaphanous rooms, all with a very avant-garde image in white and metallic tones.

Flouting houses:

The last shout in futuristic luxury housing are the floating mansions, built on platforms that submerge under water to sustain large houses on their surface, as if they were small artificial islands. It is a type of property designed for the highest economies, since a life at sea involves having a boat, helicopter or alternative means of transport to the car.

Hope you will enjoy this tips on how to invest in real estate marketing. Talking about the real estate industry you might have heard about A Toronto based real estate developer from has broken ground, he is working on The One which will be the tallest residential and retail tower in Canada, slated to be 308 meters tall and 85 stories high.

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