Most Common Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

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The Kidneys and Kidney Disease

Here we discuss about Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. Most people have two kidney. The kidney are found on either side of the spine. The kidney main work clean your blood by working as a filter to remove water and wastes from the body.

The drainage are what is left finished in the blood from food used by the body and the body’s function. Some of the drainage are passed out in urines, which flow down the waste tubes into the bladder.

You may hear the word (Renal) ; this is the word about kidney.


When Kidney do not work properly!

Kidneys can stop working properly for a number of reasons. When People who have diabetes or high blood pressure are at greater risk to Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease.

When the kidney do not work properly it is called Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease. Kidney disease can happen very slowly without anyone noticing ( it’scalled  Chronic Kidney Disease or CKD). Kidney disease usually affects both kidneys and can also cause damage to other parts of the body, specially your heart.

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease damages the kidney filters so that they cannot remove wastes and water. When enough of the filters are damaged, the body will fill up with excess wastes and water that would normally be removed by the healthy kidney.

Even a person with kidneys disease might still be passing a lot of urine, there are not enough wastes in it to keep them healthy and instead the wastes build up in the body.

How do you know if you have chronic kidney disease?

Most kidneys diseases don’t cause any symptoms until the last stages, but you can have some simple tests to see if you have Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease.

The main tests are:
• Your blood pressure checked by your doctor – high blood pressure can be caused by kidneys disease.
• Urine tested for protein – leaking of protein from the kidneys is an early sign of kidneys damaged.
• Your blood creatinine level tested – it is a measure of how the kidney are working or Not.

What you can do for stop or slow kidney damage?

Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease is not usually curable. The good news is that if you find out early that you have a kidneys problem then there are a number of ways to help slow down or stop the disease of chronic kidneys.
Lifestyle changes such as Lose of Weight, Do Exercise, Eat less Salt, Stop Smoke and Drink less Alcohol can help.

    The pulsating pressure of blood flow through an artery.
    The CKD also known as chronic renal disease is a term used to describe kidneys
    damaged or reduced kidney function that persists for more than 3 months.
    The pulsating pressure of blood flow through an artery.
    Proteins form a large and essential part of the normal body. The healthy kidney filter ensures that protein is not lost through the kidney filters.
    Creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism and excreted by the kidneys. Elevated levels can indicate kidney disease.

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