Organic gardening tips – Lawns, raised bed garden

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With the increase of awareness and the general rumour about organic foods, people want to know how to get organic foods. When you go to the market, you may find it very expensive, so organic gardening becomes a viable alternative. The production of organic foods means the use of organic ingredients during the production process. In other words, it means that you do not use fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides or transgenic seeds based on chemical products. Organic gardening, on the other hand, is not just regarding adding organic fertilizers and pesticides but it is more then it. For more information on organic gardening, you can also get in touch with an expert like Lenny Wong Toronto also known by the name Leonard Wong Toronto who is a business executive with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of organic gardening.

Organic Gardening:

If you want to see positive results in your garden, you should consider the different aspects of organic gardening, which include the following:

Maintain a healthy soil:

Most of us confuse the soil as small inorganic particles that are formed by the erosion of rocks. However, apart from these inorganic particles, the soil constitutes organic matter, both living and dead. There are numerous microorganisms present in the soil, whose absence or scarcity makes the soil unhealthy for the growth of plants.

Gardening is not a new concept or a fad. It is one of the most useful and ancient ways of producing food. Organic vegetables are more attractive to the eye, healthier and tastier than their non-organic cousins. In addition to this, it benefits not only you but also the environment and the animals that live off the land, which brings with it a balanced and healthy ecosystem.

It uses natural fertilizers:

Nature has its own fertilizers. They can be of animal origin, such as manure, or of vegetable origin, such as manure or organic remains from the kitchen. Fertilizers used help the soil retain nutrients. In addition to this, the introduction of legumes whose roots contain bacteria that convert nitrogen from the air into soluble nitrogen for crop rotation helps maintain soil fertility intact.

Supervises the conditions of the season:

Being attentive to the environment to schedule the right time to carry out treatments against certain diseases that affect plants is something that can be achieved , which results in the use of products at the right time and that are a necessity. That way you can save money, time and energy.

Consider the use of hanging or vertical platforms:

This method is an advantage when controlling back pain and also helps to keep our attention on what we plant and at the same time save space for other things. The use of hanging platforms means that you do not have to walk on your crops and also have a width that does not exceed a couple of meters. You can reach all corners of your crop without having to step on the ground which in turn allows you not to have to do so many excavations.

The exchange of different plants that weaken diseases or parasites is effective from a monetary point of view, because it eradicates having to do pest controls and disease prevention and is normally carried out as a commercial and agricultural operation that is seen as a good option for farmers around the world.

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