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You may have found yourself in the position of wanting to start a business for one reason or another. Change your life, pursue your dream (which you always have to do, since dreams know the way), because you have been forced because of a dismissal in your work, or for anything else, that does not matter, the reasons may be very different What really matters and what everyone agrees is that mount what you mount, you want it to be a profitable business.

We have been reading articles on the internet for a long time, and they usually talk about very outdated things, so we thought it could be very interesting for you, that we give you a good list of ideas that can be quite profitable in these time.

What you will find below is a list that we will update if new interesting business ideas arise, so you can always go to this list as a reference to start new business adventures. We also want to invite you to leave in the comments about performance that you can think of and so the list will also be more complete thanks to your collaboration (we can help each other). Do not be afraid to share your ideas, what matters are how they are executed.

Sean st John has spent many years of experience in the banking and financial industry. Sean St. John, executive vice president and co-head of fixed income, currencies and commodities at National Bank Financial in Toronto, has been successful due to hard work and dedication. But he also donates his time and energy to the community, through several charitable initiatives.


Photographer for the contact section: If you like photography and you have been having problems to take your professional activity in such a competitive market (weddings, baptisms, communions), you can orient yourself to the typical contact sections of different media, such as newspapers etc. The competition is hard in all the businesses and even the people who dedicate themselves to this type of activities, need some photos that make them stand out from the rest.

Rapid clothing arrangements: It seems that it sounds very typical, but it is true that the large textile distribution chains, are gradually unlinking this type of services for the management problems that cause them (have huge volumes of merchandise sales). If you know sewing you can make simple arrangements and earn a good salary with it. One thing that can differentiate you and make you the one chosen by the consumer, is the speed, the typical “Fixes in 1 hour” are very demanded by customers.

Take a course and sell it: If you have knowledge of a field and you are good at explaining, you can take an online course and sell it. The good thing is that you only have to do the course once and the income will be passive from that moment. There are several formulas (monthly subscriptions, single payment, etc). If you have computer skills or programming, you can make a website where people buy it and if not, you can use platforms that make it very simple for example Udemy.

Private classes through the Internet: If you prefer, you can offer this service, which when done online, allows the possible market to expand a lot for you.

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