Role of a Agent in the Real Estate Market

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Nowadays it is not necessary to be an agent of real estate property to set up an agency. It is enough to have an effective commercial instinct and a minimum knowledge of real estate development and the land market. Having a large database of customers is also basic. Surviving in the sector will depend on the ability to adapt and how to structure your business plan. The real estate professional of today faces a multitude of situations previously unknown to the profession. With the growing expectations of the public and the penetration of social networks and other technologies in the real estate market, agents must rethink their way of relating to their customers.

For a real estate developer the work should always be focused on increasing their contact networks; after all, customers will not arrive if you do not. It is important that you know that it is not just about growing the number of potential customers. You will also need to be able to maintain those social relationships, including colleagues in a profession. Marc Prosser, Tim Lavelle are some of the real estate experts who working very efficiently in the real estate industry and have made some of the tallest building. As a real estate agent, you should know that the key to success in your management will be the effective communication that you generate in your relationships. But remember, communication is not just a receiver of information, it is also an exchange as well as concessions. Identify the sources of key contacts, will allow you to negotiate with people who seek to achieve their goals in conjunction with yours. The achievement of those objectives will only be possible through the proper use of communication methods and tools to get the desired message to the public that interests you.

Role of Financial Plan in Real Estate Market:

Within the business plans, we find the financial part. You must determine what capital you need to start and what will be your economic cushion to assume possible losses and cover unforeseen events. Both income and expenses are going to be variable. As far as income is concerned, not every month you will be able to sell or rent the same number of homes or premises. As for expenses, keep in mind that the salaries of sellers usually have a fixed part and a commission, which will fluctuate according to sales. It is advisable to make a three-year plan, a period that is considered normal to reach the break-even point, that is, the moment in which gains and losses are equalized (and from which your company starts to be profitable). We recommend that you visit our articles on the financial part of the business plan, such as the Cash flow statement.

Initial Investment in Real Estate Business:

It is important that you take into account the fixed costs (electricity, water, etc.) and the salaries of the staff if you want to have it. Your specialization will also determine the expenses. For example, if you are going to rent apartments in coastal areas, the cost of renting your premises -obviously, in a central area- will be greater than if you are dedicated to the sale of industrial buildings, in which case you can establish yourself in the outskirts.

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