The Top 5 Canadian Journalists who are no more with us


The world of journalism is sophisticated when it comes to the top ones being forgotten. Mostly in US, journalism is considered to be a high profile career option. Great positions can be easily taken in control. In such a hell of a career, most Canadian journalists gave their lifelong dedication yet, they stayed just as names. Journalists like Doris Anderson made several contributions for magazines that topped them in the country in both sales and news headlines. Similar to that, here are the Top 5 Canadian Journalists who are no more with us.

Doris Anderson:

Doris Hilda Anderson more commonly as Doris Anderson was not just a journalist, but a writer, editor and activist who died on 2nd March 2007.  She got her BA from the University of Alberta in 1945. She made the CHATELAINE magazine the most profitable magazine in the Maclean Hunter domain after her joining at 1957 to 1977 as an editor. She was also the president of the Canadian Advisory Council on the Status of Women during 1979.

Mark Dailey:

Quite one of the most known journalists in Canada, Mark Dailey was an announcer too. He worked on the weeknight newscast called CityNews. He was also on the CITY-TV as a continuity announcer voicing interstitial program announcements. Dailey was also an actor as a voice artist in cartoons and animated series. As a news reporter in many films, Mark Dailey aspired as a journalist. CITY-TV still mourns over his death during 2010 who was one of Top 5 Canadian Journalists who are no more with us today.

Dalton Camp:

As one of the renowned Canadian journalists till 2002, Dalton camp also worked as a great influential politician, commentator and political strategist. He was also a supporter of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. He completed his journalism studies from Columbia University followed by political science from the London School of Economics after finishing Arts from New Brunswick University. He was the frontier of Camp Associates, an advertising firm and became a commentator on CBC’s Morningside.

Barbara Frum:

Frum was a Television and Radio journalist who aced and excelled out in Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s incredible interviews. She completed her BA in Toronto University after which she started writing for the Toronto Star in freelance. Her stories specialized in the social issues. Joining of CBC Radio with AS IT HAPPENS’ one of first hosts, she conducted live interviews with most of the newsmakers of that time. Barbara Frum is one of the most-toughest and well informed interviewers who sadly died at 1992.

Eric Malling:

Known for his intense documentary of Gerald Bull, Eric Malling was quite famous in the 1970’s. Completing education at University of Saskatchewan in Bachelor of Arts, he completed his journalism from Carleton University. Malling usually nailed journalism, got the tag name as hard hitting journalist while going as the host of The Fifth Estate aired in 1976. He moved to CTV for hosting W5 widely known as the W5 with Eric Malling. He was also a recipient of the Gemini Award, a vast candidate of Six ACTRA Awards and three Gordon Sinclair awards for intense contribution and excellent performance in the field of journalism and one of the Top 5 Canadian Journalists who are no more with us.

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