Things to Consider while Picking a Realtor

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One of the things that will cost you the most if you are thinking of selling your house is to choose a real estate agent to search for a buyer for your house. The last thing anybody wants is to have to fight with an unreliable agent who just wants to take advantage of you. Although most agents are ethically correct and establish a good relationship with their customers like Larry Weltman, there are a few who only think of making money, putting their interests before the client. That’s why at in this article we have decided to write a list that includes some of the signs that should make you jump the alarms in your head to detect an agent that does not suit you.

Things to be considered while Choosing a Realtor:

 Agents that make buyers for your house:

It is a deceptive practice that we have been detecting for a couple of years and unfortunately there are many conventional real estate agents who claim to have buyers or tenants interested in your home just to open the doors of your home. Do not be fooled and take the time you need to choose your real estate agent.

The agents that offer you a higher price for your property:

If an agent does not perform any type of market analysis, think the same as you about the price and quickly think that it is worth working the sale, this is suspicious. I’m not saying its bad for an agent to ask for your opinion about the price you want to get for your house. Good agents like Larry Weltman Toronto will want to know what idea you have about the price to work with you and achieve a realistic goal. If an agent is happy to sell your home at the first price you have communicated and without making any type of market valuation, most likely they are trying to incorporate all the properties they can into their portfolio. However, you will surely feel more comfortable and secure if the price is justified with a market valuation.

Real estate agents that are all façades:

We have all come across the typical agent who knows how to say the right things and make the right promises. But be careful with a nice and charming agent who has little more to offer you besides his charisma. There are many agents that have good capacity to start a good initial connection but then do not know how to keep the pace with a potential buyer. There are several points that you have to take into account:

  • Does the agent pay attention to the details?
  • Will the sales process continue and will it provide you with feedback on it?
  • Will the agent be available to handle all information requests for your home?
  • How many sales have you made in recent months? Compare the properties you have advertised on your website and see how many of these ads are in the same area as your property.
  • How long were the properties on average in the market and what were the sale prices and finally when they were sold?
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