Tips for Choosing a Good Realtor

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If you are someone who wants to sell or rent a property but you feel that you need someone to help you and guide you in all the steps you need to take, a realtor is the solution, choosing one is a crucial step for be successful in real estate aspects, in addition, this way you will save time and effort, a good agent will help you find a home that is within your budget or sell your property as soon as possible

Professional photographs:

The photos of the property will be the first impression in the eyes of buyers. Frequently, real estate agents use their cell phones to take pictures of the property. That is those who use professional photography services will attract a greater number of interested parties, so they can sell the property at the best price and in less time.

Real Estate Virtual Reality Technologies:

The real estate industry is in a radical change because the introduction of virtual reality to the countryside is changing the way in which houses are searched. Although it is relatively new and few agents manage it, those who do manage to sell the properties 10 times faster than others. If your agent uses it, you know he is at the forefront.


This last point is very important. Many times we think that the more agents and brokers sell the property, the greater the scope they have to sell it and the faster the sale process will be. Even though it could be justified by the saying “the more the better” in the real estate industry, it is not. By granting the exclusivity of the property, you allow the agent to secure a sales commission for which you can justify investing in professional services to sell your home. It is a simple rule of logic, if there is no exclusivity, the agent cannot ensure its commission for which will not invest in professional services and therefore the house will take longer to sell.

Before selecting the ideal agent, consider the 5 previous points before selecting the agent that will sell your house. Remember that exclusivity contracts must be granted for a limited time (recommended 5 to 6 months). After this time the agent must have sold your property. Otherwise you can find a new agent to move your property. Make sure your agent uses the best technologies to present your house and negotiates a fair commission with the agent.

Always keep this in mind:

Follow these indications so that everything goes perfect and avoid making first-time mistakes

Keep in mind that the name real estate agent is a kind of synonym for “seller”, since its only mission is that, to sell. We recommend that you never give the impression of being in a desperate situation for some reason or another, since this is not in your interest and for them; you are not in a hurry to buy / sell a home. You can also take help from any experts like Kris Thorkelson of My Place Realty’s and Maryanne Thorkelson a Winnipeg-based entrepreneur whose main aim is to provide quality apartments that people can be proud to call home.

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