Top 5 Reasons to Study Masters in Poland for international students

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When you think about studying abroad, Europe does cross your mind, the historical architecture and the countries with influential culture is what defines Europe. Poland is one of those destinations in Europe, where there is less bling and more substance. A country with an interesting history and mix of ethnicities, Masters in Poland is a perfect for many reasons, and here are some of them:

1. High Quality Education:

The universities in Poland are some of the most renowned educational institutions in the world. There are 14 of the universities featuring in the top universities of the world by QS rankings. Two of them are in the top 500. The top ranked university, University of Warsaw is the largest university of the country with 37 different fields of study. It was established back in 1816, making it one of the older universities in Europe. The second ranked university, University of Jagiellonian is the oldest university of the country, and the second oldest in the central Europe, showing how deeply rooted and consistent the educational institutions have been.

2. Affordable Education:

Masters in Poland is definitely cheaper than the other parts of Europe. Even the other English Speaking countries, Poland has the affordable tuition fees and living costs. Tuition fees in Poland for higher education start at below 1500 euros a year, and does not go above the upper limit of 4000 euros a year. Forget about UK and USA, even compared to private universities in Germany and France, the university fees are low. Accommodation and other day to day living costs are also less than other European countries.

3. Vibrant Student and Cultural Life

As we have mentioned, the student cities are full of students with mixed ethnicities. The country believes in sports, parties and music and film festivals, and ever lasting friendships. The economy has grown a lot in last two decades, and it offers just the same cultural experience as any other European country with its own touch. The universities organize their own carnival, which is known as Juwenalia. Poland is sure to provide international students an experience to remember

4. The Erasmus Program:

The Erasmus Program is known for its scholarships to study in European countries, and Poland is no exception. Apart from the scholarships, the Erasmus Program is a partnership of the participating countries with other countries for the student exchange program, and the other services like internships and placement of the overseas students. Universities in Poland are part of this Erasmus Program, and every year, a number of students benefit from the program, choosing Poland as their Masters Abroad destination.

5. Study Abroad Scholarships:

If a country is not affiliated with the Erasmus Program, there are still a number of scholarship opportunities to study Masters in Poland. There are number of non-EU scholarships, which is for the international students coming to Poland, and there is at least one scholarships one can find to apply to. The best way to find a scholarship is to contact the university you are applying to or the entity providing the scholarship you are interested in.

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