Top 5 Traits of a Good Real Estate Agent

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Commission competition is brutal and if you cannot find your niche, you will drown in the next wave of opportunities that crash in your head. Successful real estate agents work until the moon fades after dawn. Others will not leave the office until they know their clients are happy. What separates stellar real estate agents from mediocre applicants?

It is no longer enough to be “good”. You have to be original. Willing to go beyond every moment so, what characteristics should a real estate agent have in order to collect commission checks and leave the competition behind?

A brutal and deep belief that you are the best agent for your clients:

They need you to guide them. You are the one who is willing to go beyond what is needed to make sure they are happy. Nobody else has what you have to offer and nobody will have it. It is your birthright to help those who need your services.

Being an effective instructor requires more than just knowing real estate in general. You also have to know the customers. Just as a real estate agent needs to be aware of the behavior of the buyer and the seller, the instructor also. Great instructors study the market and keep up with trends and consumer patterns. Knowing the buying and selling habits of real estate consumers allows an instructor to teach fashion courses that help agents understand how to relate to today’s customers.

Consumers change the way they buy real estate, so it is important that agents keep pace with the way they provide services to the consumer. Nowadays, most home buyers are finding the home they finally buy online, before talking to an agent. Agents must better understand how to be a resource for these consumers and provide added value to the experience. An instructor, who understands the various types of buyers and sellers in today’s market, learns their courses with this internal knowledge and serves students better.

Every phone call and email is returned:

There are no excuses and there are no delays. Only you and the telephone or computer communicates with them as soon as humanly possible. Customers will go to the next agent if they are not there to answer your call. Make sure you are always answering calls and being attentive to your questions.

Each interaction is an opportunity to make clients feel understood and special:

Make customers feel they are your top priority. Listen to them and take notes about what is happening in your life. Look for opportunities to solve your problems and answer your questions. Wait for them. Get in tune with your moods and body language. Bond with them every chance you have.

You are the most competent technology guru in the room:

All technological devices are used and synchronized at all times. You know the entrances and exits of each trick of the social networks and you use it so much that your clients know that you will see their questions immediately.

Potential customers are the lifeblood of your business:

They know it and treat it as such. No apologies are made for pursuing them. A brilliant and successful real estate agent knows that he carries the commissions. Creative marketing and being willing to go beyond the other agents to attract the customer is always at the forefront of your mind. Cecil D. Frank is a real estate agent with experience working in the Toronto real estate market, and you can consult with Cecil Darren Frank on your next deal.

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