Some Travel Activities to Engage Your Kids in Long Journeys

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Some travel activities to engage your kids in long journeys do not go hand in hand. Making the kids sit for several hours long journey is a task in itself as kids get tend to get bored and irritated very quickly. From feeding them timely to taking them to the loo and making them wear a comfortable dress on travel is one of the hardest tests of parental patience. So check out some kids wear online to make at least comfortable clothing part done from your side. For else you need to check on your kids frequently during travelling.

Keeping then engage is not easy because they have a pea-sized concentration. Here are some ways enlisted below which could help you out during your long journeys with the kids. Follow us down to the rest of the post.

Kids Travel Tips and instructions:


The Binder

When we travel with our kids, we need to carry a lot of their stuff i.e food, clothes, water, snacks and needless to mention their toys. We can not just pack up the things up in a suitcase and just leave the house for the destination. We need to keep those things handy, so all we need to do is build a kit or binder that holds all their stuff together specially their toys and other engaging stuff.

Tip: Pack the organic stuff like eatables and inorganic stuff separately.

The Lap desk

 If your kid likes to get engaged with the art or colouring thing, the lap desk is a must-carry thing. These lap desk easily fits on your kid’s lap making them do work of their interest easily. This desk can also be used for playing with magnets, Bendaroos, or for holding a snack. Also, the lap desk is an inexpensive alternative for a car-seat lap desk. The lap desk can also save the space in your when not in use; it can fit the back-seat-pocket of the car.

Marking the Miles

 These are the other two ways for keeping your toddlers engaged while travelling. Provide your kids with the stickers with numbers imprinted on them to keep the track of miles completed of the hours completed. Every time you reach any milestone, ask your kid to paste the sticker on their activity page. This will help them keep busy with something creative and knowledgeable.

Activity Pages

Kids can be very hard to handle when they get irritated and no wonder long travel makes them highly agitated. They can make travelling quite a bounty task. Never forget to carry activity pages whenever you decide to travel long distance with the kids. Keep these activity pages in a binder containing a clear plastic sleeve or cover with blank sheets of paper inside which can be used to play simple and handy games such as hangman or tic-tac-toe and also for activities like marking the miles. Kids can just fiddle or scribble for hours with those.

 Cease to Seek

Yet another way to keep busy your kid during long travel stories. This is the best way to take a small break during the long journeys and explore your travel path. We can stop by a place like a park and can play letterboxing (hide and seek scavenger hunt game, played with the help of Geocaching and GPS. This game idea can boost up your getaway enthusiasm and can also kick the boredom out of your journey.

Interaction with the Co-passenger

If you are travel via train, its okay to let them lose a bit. Let them have fun! Kids are discovering activities of their interest, so, if they want to talk to talk to the passenger sitting by or want to make friends with other kids on the wagon. Long journeys can make the kids agitated and cranky, this could be one of the ways to get along with the kids during long running hours journey.

Freestyle Clothing

There’s no denying that kids look cute in fancy clothes. When we step out of our houses, we generally think that our kid should look adorable and also we tend to assume that doing. This would let our kid garner a lot of praise but we forget that kids never get along with fancy clothes, all they want is a comfort, specially during journeys. In spite of rolling around in the local markets and malls, by the ease of e-commerce, there are a lot of options available these days to buy comfortable kids dresses online. You can just check out the online stores for kids comfortable wearable before you start your journey.

This list has been created to help you out in knowing the essential tips after which can engage your kids during the journey. These are the certain things which should be kept in mind before we step out of our houses and also to avoid that kids hassle during your journey.

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