Types of Financing You Must Know Before Investing

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There are numerous financing schemes in the world. Some offer complete, and some provide partial money on what you offer them to pay. But most of the financing schemes are related to any product or any mutual project which lets you enjoy funds when you need them in the future.

There are Some Most Common Financing Schemes known:

  • Life Insurance Scheme
  • Child Education Scheme
  • Product Purchase Scheme

These schemes are the most common ones and are active in most of the countries throughout the globe. We will try to elaborate every critical point which will be helpful for you to decide which scheme is better for you. But Before that let’s take a moment to make sure you follow SkyCap Financial’s Official Twitter account to get notifications for such Financing Schemes.

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Let’s begin with the First One that is:

1. Life Insurance Scheme:

Life Insurance scheme is the most popular scheme which individuals take to secure the future of their family even if they fail at times. So mainly what happens in this scheme is that we as an individual take/purchase/enroll in this scheme by submitting our necessary documents of address proof and identity proof. After the verification and cross-examination of records are done, we get to choose between the premiums which we are comfortable to pay every month. So let me tell you how to do this work. This scheme releases the funds which are agreed while enrolling for this scheme when you meet with an accident (God Forbid) or fall ill or in the worst case scene if you die, your money directly supports your family as they get the claim for your funds. This is an excellent scheme to start with if you plan on taking some in future.

2. Child Education Scheme:

What happens in child education scheme is same as that in the case of the life insurance scheme. But here the benefactors are directly your children because as they get mature and need the funds for their further education and here this schemes plays its part. You need to select the monthly premium which you can effortlessly pay every month till your child gets mature for schooling and then withdraw the amount when you feel that it is time for you to spend on education. But for to claim it you need to make sure that you provide all sorts of documents regarding the admission and the fees structure of the College or university which your kid opts for.

The Third and the last but not the least in our list is the Product purchase scheme:

3. Product purchase Scheme:

Alright, as discussed in previous articles we don’t need to pay in advance for this scheme because this is slightly different than the previous ones. During the last programmes, you need to pay in advance before you reap the benefits of the resource. Butin this case you have to make a purchase, make a suitable down payment and spend the rest of the money in installments a very month depending on the type of scheme you chose. The skycap financial services are ahead in these type of finances as they are widely trusted. Although they are always up with new projects, their team finds time to address customer queries which makes them reliable as well.


skycap financial


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