Latest News Update on US H-1B VISA Norms Tighten

donald trump h-1b visa norms tighten

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US H-1B visa norms further
makes tightens by Donald Trump Goverment

The New US visa norms, a firm would have to to prove its H-1B employee at a third-party worksite has specific and non-qualifying speculative assignments in specialty occupation.

At Washington: The Donald Trump administration has announced a new US visa policy that makes the procedure of issuing H-1B visa norms to those to be employed at one or more third-party worksites very tough a move that will mostly impact Indian IT firms and their employees.

Indian IT companies, which are among the major beneficiaries of H-1B visas, has a significant number of its employees deployed at third-party worksites. A number of American banking, travel and commercial services depend on on-site IT workers from India to get their job done.

Now, H-1B visa are issued for only three years at a time.

The new move announced on Thursday the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to issue H-1B visas to an employee for only the period he/she has only work at a third-party worksite.


The guidance says that in order for an H-1B applicant involving a third-party worksite to be approved, the applicant must show by a importance of evidence the beneficiary will be employed in a specialty occupation and the employer will maintain an employer and employee relationship with the beneficiary for the duration of the requested validity period.

The latest norms memorandum is a part of President Donald Trump’s says that “Buy American and Hire American Executive Order” and the directive to protect the interests of US workers.

The USCIS says that, “If an H-1B applicant is applying to extend employment for a beneficiary who was placed at one or more third-party worksites during the course of past employment with the same applicant, that applicant should also establish that the H-1B requirements have been met for the entire prior approval period”.


The policy memorandum says that, if these conditions are not met, and the applicant did not comply with the terms and conditions of the original applicant and did not file an amended applicant, USCIS may have eligibility concerns about a subsequent applicant filed to extend the employment.

If the employee has been on a bench for any part of their previous duration in particular Extensions of H-1B visa have become even tougher.

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