What are Aluminium Foams and what is its Usage?

What areAluminium Foams and what is its Usage?

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All of us know about Metal panels and how much they are used in a variety of Industries. They hold a major share in several productions and this is why their popularity is quite much. But, despite the fame and popularity, there are several cons of using metal panels which are not easy to get rid of. An aspect like less weight to area ratio, prone to corrosion and rusting issues, difficulty in shaping, costly and several other things are the areas where metal fails to do any good.

This is the moment when Aluminium foam comes to the aid of the producers. The aluminium foam which is also known as Foam panels is one of the best alternatives of metal in industries like Aviation, Automobile, Industrial area etc. These panels are lightweight and cover all the above-mentioned cons that we have to face with the usage of metal panels. So, today in this article we are going to talk about the topic of Aluminium foam and its application is different sectors. So, without further ado, let’s just jump right into it.

Aluminium Foam – A brief description

Aluminium foam is a cellular structure made of solid metal and most of the area is filled with gas pores. This particular metal is high on porosity and also has a high volume to weight ratio which is not found in many metals. It is ultra-light and also, being based on the square-cube law, it offers a great deal of strength. In order to understand some more about Aluminium foam, let’s understand its properties.

Properties of Aluminium Foam

Following are some of the basic properties and traits of Aluminium foam:

  • Heat resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Free of Corrosion
  • Better thermal conductivity

What is the area of usage of Aluminium foam?

Alusion is used in a variety of industries and also for some special needs. So, following are the area of usage where the aluminium foam is used:

  • Automobile: Nothing needs Aluminium Foam panels more than the Automobile industry. There is always a constant need of this metal because not only it is used to make the frames of cars and trucks, but also, several manufacturers used it for making lids of various components related to the engine. Also, these panels being soundproof, are a great choice for luxury cars.
  • Aviation: Being cheaper than metal panel, Aluminium panels help to cut the cost of producing aircraft by a great deal. Also, they are easy to bond and are the best repellent for any cause related to fire accidents.
  • Household furniture Industry: Things like Tables, household articles, lamps etc. are quite easily made with the help of Aluminium Foam. The articles remain lightweight and also sustain for a longer period of time.
  • Construction Industry: One of the most versatile uses of Aluminium foam can be seen in the Construction Industry. These panels are used in a variety of architectures such as bridges, railway tunnels, the interior of a multi-story building etc.

Cymat Technologies have the best aluminium foam and offer the services of the same at great prices. So, these are some of the usages of Aluminium Foam. This is a great alternative for metal and is becoming popular with every passing day.

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