What Does a Good Business Analyst Do?

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When we face any health issue, we approach a doctor. When we are mentally disturbed, we consult a counselor, or take the path of meditation, similarly when we face any problem in a business, we go for a business analyst. As the name says, s/he first analysis the problem and then go for the solution. Like a lady in the house who does multitasking. She is at times a doctor, a chef, a teacher, a counselor, a caretaker etc, in the same way, a business analyst is a multifaceted. As a intermediary, moderator, linker and diplomat, the business analyst brings the business requirements jointly. An ideal analyst has the versatility of various business functions such as operations, finance, engineering, technology or architecture. They are the overpass that fills in the hole among each department all through every step of development.

Role of Business Analyst:

The analyst interacts with business stake holders in order to understand their problems and needs. The analyst gathers documents and analysis business needs and requirements. S/he should be a cool-minded visionary so that s/he can analyze the problem without panic and look for solutions. A good business analyst should necessarily be a pessimist to pull out every flaw and negativity form every nick-and-corner of the company. An important quality which will make a business analyst as good is s/he should be a good communicator and should be approachable so that anyone in the company who faces a problem can approach the analyst without any fear or hesitation. One should be patient enough to listen to the problem, analyze it and work on it.

Features of Business Analyst:

A good analyst examines the problem from every angle imaginable, speaks to all concerned parties for valuable input and feedback and sees the success of company as his personal success. A good analyst should not jump to the solution immediately, s/he should take time to find the root of the problem and reason for the occurrence of problem, analyzing it and looking for different solutions to it and finally choosing the best solution. S/he should be well equipped with all kind of knowledge required for his role and should be aware of market demand, need of end users and should be ready to face any kind of problem.

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