What Qualities should a leader have and How to Develop them?

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The qualities of a leader are charisma, competence, responsibility, ability to be flexible, and this is not a complete list of those features that it is important to develop in oneself if there are big ambitions and a desire to become a productive, successful creator of life or a captain of an organization and even one’s own business

What qualities should a leader have?

Leadership is a set of skills, abilities, character traits leading to success, recognition and high performance results. The development of qualities begins with the assumption of responsibility for their lives and what is happening in it. The list of qualities that a leader should possess is extensive, but each person is an individuality and each has its own set of features and characteristics. Leading him to success.

What is Leadership:

What qualities should a leader have? This should be a person with a broad outlook and innovative thinking, able to look at the situation from different angles. To see those methods that have outlived themselves and do not work and abandon them without fear of stepping into a new, promising, albeit unfamiliar. The main qualities of a leader and leader:

  • a responsibility;
  • attunement with other people and the ability to build effective relationships;
  • equilibrium;
  • the ability to lead;
  • control over your emotions;
  • clear construction of plans and tasks;
  • Teamwork skills.

Leadership qualities of the person:

  • The main qualities of a leader are established skills that are constantly being improved:
  • intellectual abilities;
  • flexibility of thinking;
  • creativity;
  • desire for self-knowledge;
  • constant self-improvement and the desire to learn new things, learn, grow;
  • honesty with oneself;
  • decisiveness and courage to know the unknown;
  • performance;

Leadership Theory:

Leadership qualities of a person – attention management;

  • value management;
  • self-management;
  • Trust management.

Positive and negative qualities of a leader:

Every phenomenon or phenomenon has positive and negative aspects, especially when there is an imbalance or imbalance of some kind of quality – leadership is no exception. Positive qualities of a leader:

  • charisma;
  • firmness and strength of mind;
  • dedication;
  • high competence;
  • communication skills;
  • focus on the goal;
  • Believe in yourself;
  • insight;
  • ability to calculate steps;
  • passion;
  • ability to listen and hear;
  • self-discipline;
  • A responsibility.
  • Negative qualities of a leader:
  • unprincipled;
  • “megalomania”;
  • “Walking on their heads” to achieve success does not shy away from “dirty” ways;
  • arrogance or domination over others;

What are the Leadership Methods?

Identifying leadership qualities through tests and methods helps to see the makings of a leader and the valuable qualities of a leader. Such techniques are used by psychologists in various organizations. Leadership tests and proven:

How to develop leadership skills?

Leadership development is a gradual process consisting of a series of small steps. A measure is needed in everything, in the opposite case there is a “discharge” of achievements and a feeling of guilt and aggression towards oneself. Make a plan for the week, based on the actions that will be performed every day. For example, working out one skill with the help of 2-3 exercises, reading a motivating book, keeping and analyzing a diary. To work on the next to go when mastering has occurred and there is confidence to move on. In order to become successful manager one should always follow the path of some famous entrepreneur like Richard Warke, Andrew Carnegie. Richard Warke Vancouver is a well known name in the mining field who has built several successful mining companies with more than 25 years of experience in the international resource sector.

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